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Okaloosa Academy is proud to offer LEAP (Learning Enrichment Alternative Program) for students in 4th and 5th grade. LEAP offers research-based curricula and implements a variety of instructional methodologies in the following areas: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education.

Leap Community School’s academic program challenges students to reach their fullest potential through hands-on, contextual, constructivist learning activities, content-rich curricula, and the use of Personal Education Plans for each student enrolled. In addition to the curriculum, students will participate in behavior modification and character development training. This will be a school-wide initiative and will be reviewed on a daily basis within class meetings at the beginning of each school day. Students will have opportunities to model appropriate behavior through role-playing activities. Students will apply and extend their knowledge to reach their fullest potential as both a student and member of society. Academics will have an emphasis on READING and MATHEMATICS and allow students to work at their individualized level for instruction through Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design (UBD) and the use of scaffolding techniques within the classroom.

Effective classrooms are built around quality curriculum and quality instruction. Tandem Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design provide the structures, tools, and guidance for developing curriculum and instruction based upon best practices of teaching and learning. Differentiated Instruction is an instructional technique in which teachers focus on processes and procedures that ensure effective learning for varied individuals. Understanding by Design is primarily a curriculum design model in which teachers focus on what to teach and what assessment evidence is needed to accurately assess learning for all learners. Scaffolding is an instructional technique in which the teacher models the desired learning strategy or tasks and gradually shifts the responsibility to the students.

LEAP has established the following goals for the intensive academic program:

1. Provide Students with skills for coping with everyday pressure.

2. Encourage students to respect differences among their peers.

3. Provide a safe environment for students.

4. Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and use mistakes as a learning experience.

5. Encourage open communication between the school and home.

6. Stimulate career awareness in students.

7. Develop decision-making and test-taking skills of students.

8. Provide the opportunity for students to learn and utilize independent study skills.

9. Provide the opportunity for students to develop good citizenship skills.

10. Recognize that reading, writing, and computing and skills basic to success in our society and that the teaching of them is not restricted to any one academic discipline, but is rather a shared responsibility of students and teachers.

11. Assist the development of academic, social, emotional, and physical skills.

12. Encourage students to become increasingly self-directing, moving from dependent childhood to self-actualizing adolescence.

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